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Debt and Equity Capital


Diamond Capital Investment Groups has always stayed true to its original vision: providing our esteemed clients the same Tailored Solutions and Funding Packages in International Project Financing by way of Debt Financing - for existing Companies as well as Start-Ups. Debt funding is advantageous for growing companies. Not only is it cheaper than raising equity, it also helps you preserve your ownership stake. And when you’re just starting your business, it makes sense to preserve your equity for as long as possible. We can arrange and implement financing for all kinds of companies and find the most suitable financing options to the momentum business requirements. Companies can also find a solution with Jamsheer when the common credit facility is not the most suitable one. Our loans and lines of credit are flexible, multiple and innovative. Diamond Capital Investment Groups has developed close working relationships with groups of Professionals: Specialists in Finance, Commercial Risks Insurance and Re-Insurance, International Accounting Firms and Law Firms, and the largest Valuation Firm in the world. We specialise in creating 'broadly-based' diversified investment portfolios based on our tried and tested investment process.

Diamond Capital Investment Groups have arranged and structured more than $3.9 Billion capital investments on an exclusive basis for some of esteemed clients worldwide. This execution comes from in-depth upfront analysis, underwriting and structuring coupled with deep relationships and real time feedback from the debt financing team. Unfortunately, very little debt financing is available to early-stage entrepreneurs, because lenders expect loans to be paid back in a pre-defined and timely manner with interest. We can take the stress off and let you focus on the important things. Obtaining the finance your business needs can sometimes be difficult. We aim to make everything simple, quick and transparent. Our policy of focusing and developing the quality of our product offering rather than adopting a quantity-based approach has helped facilitate and secure our continued growth even in recent times of global economic hardship. The careful consideration and conservative approach that we apply to each and every loan, and our policy of brokering riskier loans to other companies has opened up new income streams and helped diversify our product offering, meaning more secure investments for our loyal clients. Diamond Capital Investment Groups's activities are spread across a number of sectors, which include aircraft leasing, financial services, healthcare, offshore oil and gas services, Infrastructure and real estate development.

We are a full service business development group - we build extra strategies and systems.