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Asset Management

Since its inception, Diamond Capital Investment Groups has been committed to helping businesses through all stages of their development. Mirroring the region’s growth, we venture into businesses and investments across various industries and are experienced in developing entrepreneurial ideas into successful entities as well as enabling brands to enter the market. By continuing to look for opportunities, we use our insight as growth drivers of the underlying business. We believe that this is a more robust source of returns, over the business cycle, than a sole reliance on financial leverage; thus, we invest with the primary intention of creating a measurable social impact.

Many businesses find it difficult to find their feet when starting out, especially in the ever changing financial market. We offer investment to those business ventures that are established but are at their earliest stage of development. Understanding how important your business is to you, we make sure that you are fully supported to achieve your business goals and targets. To those businesses that are already fully functional, and have typically been trading for three years or more, we offer expansion investment. This can provide you with that extra push you need as a business to get where you want to be in your chosen market. We provide you with the finance required to jump start your business. Studying industry trends and economic conditions, our in-house strategy team are highly experienced in recognising and capitalising on potential business opportunities that are presented to us. Evaluating every opportunity on its merit to grow, the team are experts in both identifying and developing successful business ideas into live, profitable entities. Given our reputation, diversified portfolio of ventures, and in-depth market expertise, we offer strong credibility that translates across our partnerships.

We commit our time, resources, and expertise to each one of our companies using a strong support model, and always maintain a personal approach to ensure their potential is maximised. Our business professionals have a vast range of skills to help our companies through every process. We provide businesses with access to capital to jump start their idea, and offer strategic guidance through our support network, creating dynamic partnerships. Through our credibility and strong network, we enable businesses to achieve their business objectives. We believe in social entrepreneurship and translate it in all we do, across our portfolio of companies.

We are a full service business development group - we build extra strategies and systems.